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  1. I was just reading through your pages about the best careers for people with ADHD and was interested to see that you included nursing as an appropriate career.
    I planned to become a nurse from childhood and so completed nursing school. When this was occurring, not a lot was known about ADHD and my thinking was that I would adapt myself to what nursing needed. It never occurred to me that my personality and thinking patterns would not jibe with what was required for success in nursing.
    After a difficult marriage and having a child, I realized that I was the wage earner and could not change careers without a lot of difficulty. I also didn’t realize that I needed to change either.
    Nursing requires good organizational skills, good time awareness, ability to focus when needed. Each day of working presented me with these challenges and each day I failed with these things. Each day I needed to plan how to accomplish the tasks my patients required, get those tasks done by the appropriate time, and focus closely on what was at hand. At the beginning, my natural energy helped but as I got older, I had less energy to use. I could no longer get those tasks done in a timely manner. Each day it took me longer than necessary to even record what had occurred during my shift.
    The structure of hospital nursing is quite political so there is not much tolerance for people outside the norm. Trying to use my difficulties for learning situations was eventually not acceptable. I did not know I had ADHD so nothing computed into why I could not accomplish certain basic tasks in a given amount of time. Other newer or younger nurses could do them- -why not I?
    I have been retired from nursing for several years now and I now realize that nursing was not an appropriate career choice for me. I am more accepting of my quirks and real abilities now. I believe that most of the problems I had in nursing were not because nursing had impossible standards nor was I just a “flub-up”, but because nursing and I were not a good match. Nursing requires a capacity to multitask which was very hard to do.

    I hope that others who are considering nursing will take the time and study whether their personality and characteristics truly match what nursing requires.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on the subject.
      I have seen nursing listed on several lists elsewhere for careers for those with ADHD and had my doubts about including it on my own list.
      After talking to several people with ADHD who enjoy their nursing careers, and who are very happy, I decided to include it in my article.
      I believe that careers are definitely not one size fits all. I think anyone interested in any career should research the field thoroughly before they make a decision.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as the difficulties you have had with this career choice. I hope it will help others when making their own choices.
      It can be quite difficult for us as ADHD’ers to know our true passions and to know our own unique skill sets that we will bring to our career. Unfortunately many go through years of trial and error and many struggle with an improper fit for many years.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.

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