Howdy, folks! Yep, I’m still here, haven’t faded into the elusive mist or gotten lost on some lonely country road.

It’s summertime! Woohoo! I love it when A- is out of school. My biggest complaint is that it just whooshes by so fast we scarcely get to really enjoy it. Or so it seems.

Things have been crazy quiet, actually. There haven’t really been any super exciting ADHD mishaps or catastrophes. We are pretty much just hanging out and laying low. A- has been pretty busy actually, helping out at church and spending time with friends, which I will not begrudge her as this is the first summer of her existence that she has really had friends to hang out with. Like regularly. She should enjoy that. The teen years are fleeting at best and she deserves some good memories.

Other than that, I’m just trying to enjoy our time before school is back in session. There are some major changes coming our way, and I don’t really know where we will be next summer or how much time we will have to just hang out. If we are lucky we will get in a road trip before summer’s end. THAT should be fun!!

So what’s new? Let’s see…we’ve welcomed a second feline into our little group and now our Maggie has a big brother to play with. Our boy Alex is a cuddler, and he works wonders for A-s anxiety and depression. And at night when the bad dreams come? He stirs himself and crawls right up under her chin and nuzzles her head to let her know he’s there for her. He’s a sweet one, and little Maggie took to him a whole lot quicker than I expected her fiery self would.




I’m working on a couple of manuscripts or should I say trying desperately to just concentrate on one of them but thoughts for the other keep popping into my head? That’s okay. One is nearly complete and the other is just begun.

I’ll probably also be on the hunt for a used car soon – which should be as much fun as a root canal. And speaking of root canals I think I need one of those too.

A’s been working on her summer assignments for school and also working on her art. She’s been drawing some pretty awesome mandala designs. That’s sort of new for her, as for the past few years she has concentrated primarily on monsters and eerily macabre doodlings. (Last school year I got a phone call asking if there should be any concern over her drawing of an eyeball with a knife sticking in it on the back of an English exam. Nope. No concern. Just A- doing her thing. lol) She also draws quite a bit on herself. I don’t even try anymore to dissuade her. I’m sure my mother thinks she is going to die of ink poisoning, but pick your battles, right? This week’s artwork was a tribal design that went from her upper thigh down to her ankle. People on the street kept stopping us to ask her if they could look at it and if it was real. Heehee.


I don’t have a good photo of the leg design, but I’ll make sure to get one next time she gets artsy on herself!

I guess that about wraps things up for now. Not much to get excited about I guess, but that’s just how it is sometimes. Me? I’m just practicing being in the moment, enjoying my girl, hanging with the kitties, writing my heart out and doing my best to be a decent person and to learn something new every day. 🙂



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