The Country Seems as Scattered as my ADHD Brain

As I’ve watched the news over the past couple of days I am saddened by some of what I have seen. I wasn’t able to watch much of the presidential inauguration, but what I did see where people protesting by breaking windows, and by choosing violence and harm. I hope that there were also instances of people who shared love to others; who shared hope and a commitment to their fellowman. I hope those things happened and I just didn’t see them.

I usually stay away from anything political.

I write about life with mood disorders and ADHD, not my personal opinions and thoughts on politics. I believe we are all entitled to our opinions and I try to be respectful of folks that don’t think the way I do.

But right now I have to ask, where does violence get us?

I am not going to say who I voted for or who I did not vote for. I am not going to say whether I am happy with the person in the White House or whether I am unhappy. It’s not the point and it really doesn’t matter.

I am scared for the future of America.

And that has nothing to do with who sits in the Oval Office. I am concerned because violence has become our way to protest anything we don’t like. We riot. We loot. We set fires. We kill.

Doing harm is not protesting. If you are unhappy with the political climate, wouldn’t it be better to find positive ways to help? What about volunteering with organizations that we support? What about giving our time to assist others and bring awareness to important issues?

When we take to violence because we don’t like something, what does that say about us as a whole?

Regardless of who is in the White House and whether or not I like it, that person IS my president. Even if I cannot respect the person in the position, I still respect that office.

I really don’t understand the ‘not my president’ movement.

If you are a citizen of the United States then Donald Trump IS your president. Wouldn’t we all do well to band together in support of our own country? Couldn’t we do more for our common goals if we worked together?

Yes, being a citizen of the United States gives you the freedom to say whatever you wish. It gives you the freedom to participate in the not my president campaign.

I’m simply saying I don’t understand it. What will it do? What will it change? Will it make a difference in the political climate? Will it change who holds the office of Commander in Chief?

I genuinely don’t know, I only know what I have seen of it on social media. Even if I loathe the President, it doesn’t change the fact that he is, in fact, my president because I am a citizen of this country.

I uphold people’s right to protest (peacefully) in any way they see fit and maybe I just don’t see the bigger picture here; or maybe my brain just can’t wrap around the concept. Maybe I’m thinking too literally. Maybe I’m not thinking enough.

It seems to me that right now would be the time to say, okay, I didn’t vote for this person, I don’t like what he stands for, I don’t like how he talks or how he looks or what he wears, or whatever else it is you don’t like – BUT – now that he is president of my country, I will look for ways to make a positive impact and bring about the changes we need to see.

We forget, I think, or maybe politicians wish us to forget, that this country is OURS. It isn’t up to a president to make our country great, it is up to US. WE have that power. All of us.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but we choose what businesses we support, we choose how we treat our fellow citizens. We choose our attitudes and our behavior. We choose what ideas and belief systems we support.

We can all bring about change each and every day. Change starts with each one of us, in our own communities. I know I am being naive. I know things are complicated. Sometimes I don’t think they are as complicated as we make them, though.

Yes, I am aware that working together for the benefit of the country is a pipe dream. We will always have discord and we will always have those unwilling to work with others. It would be impossible for everyone to agree. But how do we deal with those we disagree with? With hatred or with compromise? With violence or with peace?

I’m not saying anyone should give up their values and their beliefs, but isn’t there a better way? Isn’t there a way to improve our situation through working together?

Violence begets violence and hatred begets hatred. We don’t prove anything by hurting one another. I believe peaceful protests can have their place. But why resort to anger and hate? Who are we really hurting when we do that? No one but our fellow citizens.

Did breaking windows and rioting in the streets hurt the President? No. It hurt our businesses and our fellowmen. Is there a way to show our distaste and disapproval of the President without violence? I believe so. And maybe that is what the hashtag not my president seeks to do – show distaste in a peaceful manner. On a personal level I can’t support the words, and I do wonder what impact it has as far as what good is accomplished from it, but I’m not judging those who use it.

Maybe we should try getting involved to make a difference. Maybe we should get involved in our communities. Maybe we should build each other up and teach our children the values of this country so that they can grow into responsible leaders.

I just don’t think violence is the way to get what you want. As I watched windows being broken at the Bank of America, it looked more to me like a collective temper tantrum from a group of two year olds. We didn’t get our way and we don’t know how to properly voice our disapproval so we are going to kick and scream and break something.

That’s my opinion anyway. It’s okay if your opinion is different.

I’m not claiming to know all the facts. I’m not claiming to know all the answers. I’m not claiming to be well versed in the world of politics. I’m just talking about what I witnessed in bits and pieces on television that day.

And it made me wonder WHO those actions were helping. What GOOD came of it? What PURPOSE did it serve?

Just my own thoughts. In a time where everything seems to be upside down and our country is locked in some kind of perpetual squabble among ourselves, I keep thinking that we have the power to STOP all this. We have the power to be better than this.

All of us can just keep putting one foot in front of the other and focus on where we can do good in each day. Where can we make a difference? Where can we bring positivity and hope? How can we uplift our fellowman to make our country, and the world, a better place in which to live?

Individuals can be mighty. An individual can bring about change.

What can we do?

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