Happy Holidays!

I just want to take a moment and wish everyone a happy Holiday Season! November with National Novel Writing Month is behind me – and yes!! I finished!! I have a very nice, VERY rough draft waiting for me  come January, but for the time being I’m taking the holidays off from my novels. I have the last editing to do on Finding Home before I delve into the rewrites of my NaNo novel, but both will be there waiting for me come January.

December usually passes by in a whirlwind and each year I say I’m going to mindfully ENJOY it, but every year it passes and I am wondering what happened? Didn’t I just put that Christmas tree up yesterday?!!

Yes, I celebrate Christmas. But you want to know something? I am not offended by being told “Happy Holidays!” instead of “Merry Christmas!” and do you want to know why? Because there are A LOT of holidays celebrated between November and January and if I don’t celebrate every one of them why would I be upset that someone else also does not celebrate every one of them? I have my traditions and my beliefs and others have theirs. I respect that. I get it. So HAPPY HOLIDAYS PEOPLE – whatever holidays you celebrate I wish you a wonderful holiday season. My wish for the year ahead is that we all finally learn to get along with one another.

For the next few weeks I hope to drink lots of cocoa, make some cookies, do some knitting, enjoy my family, and maybe even watch a cheesy Christmas movie or two. I hope to drive around listening to Christmas carols while enjoying the neighbor’s lights. I want to sit in my dark living room with only the glow of the Christmas tree and remind myself of how truly blessed I am. I have everything I need.

It’s been quite a year but next year is going to bring about a lot of changes. I’m nervous and excited.

I’m not going to make any blogging promises for this month. I may be back before January, but I just might be too busy with my cocoa. 😉

I wish everyone a very happy New Year and I will see you soon!!

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