What I Can Do

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the thoughts in my head. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with what is going on in the world. I see things I cannot control; I become afraid for the fate of my nation and for the fate of humankind. I look for the good, but so often the bad overcrowds it. Why do you have to look harder to find stories of human kindness in the news than you do stories of hate and harm? This is not the world I want to live in. I want to live in a world run by kindness and compassion; a world where we have sympathy and understanding for our fellow man. I long for a time when we can embrace one another and look for the good in one another. I yearn for a time when we can see our differences not as things that keep us apart, but as something we can respect and honor.

There may not be much I can do to change the world, but all change starts with the simple acts of people just like you and me, right? So today I can:

Be more patient with the line in the grocery store or the lady in front of me siting at the light after it has turned green.

Be more aware of the feelings of those around me

Be kinder and offer hope to someone who is struggling

Be more grateful of the life I have been given and the chances I have had

Not squander my chances – live my life to the best of my ability and to the fullest of my potential

Stop putting off doing things that make me happy

Smile more


Laugh often

Hug more

Remember that I am not perfect and I should not expect perfection from others

Surround myself with people I respect and who respect me in return

Be silly Be weird Be myself

Be someone’s cheerleader

I can’t control the world around me, but I control me. Maybe I can’t change the world, but I can change my own actions. I can refuse to give in to the hatred and to the cynicism. I can refuse to take part in prejudice. I can refuse to be offended by anything and everything I see. I can live my life to the best of my ability and refuse to be unhappy.

And those are the things I can do. Today.

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