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A few minutes ago I was going through a file of photos from vacation a couple years ago. A- always loved to take pictures, so I’d give her the camera. I was sitting here looking through the photos and had to laugh. I can tell every time she got bored with what we were doing. There was a group of photos from our drive through Cade’s Cove in Tennessee. She had some beautiful shots of the fields and mountains and then BOOM! a photo of her foot sticking out the car window. A few creative shots of leaves with the sky background then BAM! a series of close ups of her big toe. One of the inside of her mouth. An eyeball. (I think.) A few nice ones of some wildflowers followed by about fifteen of her lips. And then more toes. A million plain blue photos that I assume were the sky. No clouds, no tree line, just plain blue. Then an elbow or two. A knee. More feet. Lots of feet. Maybe she has a foot fetish? Then something that looks like maybe she was trying to take a photo of the inside of her nose? Not really sure.

I love finding these little ADHD treasures. I deleted a lot of them but I had to save a few, just because ADHD is as much a part of our vacations as we are. It is woven into our memories.

And at 14, she would still do the same. No doubt when she gets a camera in her hands I will still find photos of her tongue. Better than my tongue I guess.

Enjoy those quirky ADHD moments. They are uniquely a part of your family. It’s easy to get caught up in the hassles, the headaches, the stress and the struggles. It’s nice to remember all the wacky, fun, goofy and crazy things that can happen to us in any given day too.

Yesterday A- and I were talking about her friends and school and all sorts of things when she just randomly blurted “I just realized something!” I asked what and she looked at me with huge eyes and said, “I. AM. SO. LOUD.” Umm, ya think?? I don’t think she had honestly thought of herself that way before, but as she was thinking of things that had happened during the day with her new friends, I think it hit her. Then she added, “And annoying. How do you live with me? I’m so freaking loud and annoying!”

We shared a laugh about it as I told her she really never annoyed me and I guess I was immune to her noise level. She’s never had a group of friends before, and while a couple of them are also ADHD so extremely loud and unpredictable, I guess she never really thought much about it in herself.

ADHD. There’s always noise. There is always chaos. And apparently, there are always feet pictures too.

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