My Wellness Belongs to Me


I’m a fraud. I’m a fraud because I’m not always true to myself. I know what I need to do to help control my ADHD symptoms. I know what I need to do to take care of my physical health. I don’t always do those things. Sometimes it’s easier to just let things slide.

Sometimes you get a wake up call that lets you know letting things slide is not the way to go. Sometimes you have to get more than one before you hear the ringing. Why? I have no idea. But today I decided I could no longer put myself last. It’s up to me to do what I know is right to help me control my ADHD. It’s up to me to use nutrition and exercise to help myself. It’s also up to me to use the good sense I have to take care of myself physically. No one else can do that for me. I know what’s best for me. You can’t keep ignoring your health and expect to get away with it.

So today I take back control over myself and my wellness. I don’t believe the answers to my problems lie in another pill. Medication has it’s place to be sure – I’d never refuse any medical treatment that was actually beneficial to me, but I also have to understand that the power of my wellness is in my own hands. If I’m not going to do my part, then what can I expect?

My reasons for doing better are twofold. Yes, I can manage my ADHD much better through diet and exercise, meditation and mindfulness. I talk about those things but don’t always implement them in my own life. That’s plain foolishness. I know they work. I’m ready to take control of my chaos. I’m ready to feel better. Secondly, I have some other concerns that I need to take charge of. Putting it off is going to cost me my health in the long run and I can’t sit back and accept that any longer.

Today I want better for myself. Today I make the decision to be in charge. I went for a walk this morning. Not the longest walk or the most brisk, but what I could do at this time. I came home and had breakfast. I feel better. The air was cool, the sky was blue and I was grateful for the opportunity to try again today. I was grateful to be here, to be able to see my daughter, and to have the chance to make myself better for her. I’ve been toying with plant based diet for a while. I’m not here to advocate for one type of diet over another. We make our own informed decisions about what is best for us. I’ve been doing a lot of research, though, and I’m convinced of the validity of avoiding animal products. I made the switch a while back, was feeling so much better I can’t even tell you, then something came along, I fell of the wagon and it was a long fall indeed.

I don’t know why I do that to myself. I know how much better I felt. I know how much more energy I had, how much my blood pressure improved, as well as a few other problems I had – so I have no idea what would have made me turn away from that and back into the pit of sluggishness, blood pressure problems, weight gain, and heart issues. Sometimes I make no sense at all. So I’m working to get back to that point. Back to feeling good. Back to not having to worry about blood pressure or take a pill that controls a symptom but not the real problem. Back to not having the weird, irregular heartbeats and the fear. That isn’t even to mention how much better my ADHD symptoms are when I eat a nutritionally sound plant based diet.

Today I do what I can to heal myself. Life is stressful; and that stress is exacerbated when I don’t take care of myself. Today I choose health so that I can do all the things I want to do. I have too much I want to accomplish, too much I want to see and do to let bad health get in my way. I can make a difference for myself to day.


8 thoughts on “My Wellness Belongs to Me

  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I need to do the same thing. I know my diet and exercise can be improved for a healthier me but I drag my feet. We can do this!

  2. I needed this inspiration, too. Thank you! And good job on going for a walk. I started back walking in August & I can’t say enough about how much better I feel when I just do it. So many times in the past I’ve elected to forgo a walk because I didn’t have time to “do it right” or long enough or whatever, but when I just stopped over-reaching & over-thinking and walked out the door, I became more consistent. You can do it & you are so right that we have to take care of ourselves.

  3. What you say is so true, and in this day and time it so hard to fall off course, even knowing better. Congratulations on re-taking the reins in the effort to control your health and well-being…something all of us should do.

    1. Thanks! You know, it certainly isn’t lack of knowledge that has kept me where I am for so long as far as nutrition and exercise go – I guess there is just always something else that needs my attention more. I know the opposite is true – that the better I feel the better I am able to keep up with the stress and A’s struggles – but it’s so blasted hard sometimes to actually DO better. BUT – I can get there.

  4. I love all the positive outlook choosing to take control over your situations yourself and I truly believe that’s where it all starts. I always notice a difference in my overall well-being when I make the choice (and that’s where it lies is in our choice to do it) to live healthier overall in all aspects of wellness. I’m finally getting consistent with my diet, but I would go back and forth on diet and exercise. It all truly lies in going back to the natural but then again good job and choosing to take control of your situations.

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