Routines are Back in Session.

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? The school year is humming along now and routines are back. It’s kind of comforting, really.

A- is still really enjoying school. Well, except for that ONE teacher. You know, there is always the ONE. Doesn’t really matter where you go to school or what classes you are taking, there is just going to be the ONE you dread. Ugh. It really is too early in the year for this though. But – what can you do? Just do the best you can, do what is asked of you, try your hardest and keep your mouth shut. For my daughter the ADHD’er that’s pretty hilarious. But she will make it. We all did.

The last few weeks have seen some pretty big changes for both of us. A- was invited to join a special chamber choir at her school and she is beyond excited for that. They are about to get the art club that she is co-founding up and running. And yet the depression hangs on. She is considered to have “high functioning depression.” She still has a pretty specific trigger. It weighs on her, no matter what I, or her therapist tries to do to help her with it. It’s just something that isn’t in A’-s control and that’s the problem. Sometimes I wonder if she will ever be able to get rid of all the damage and see herself as worthy. I wonder if she will ever be able to let go of the idea that she wasn’t good enough. She tries to hide it with a smile and an “I’m okay” but we know better. I just cling to the thought that with so many positive things going on in her life right now, that they will help lead her out of this darkness. She is doing well in school. She is interested and active. That’s something. It’s everything.

It’s interesting because my nephew, who is just beginning to sort out his own ADHD diagnosis as an adult, has moved in with us for a while. Now that there are four of us in the house and three of us are ADHD I’m almost afraid to think of what kind of madness and mayhem awaits us! A- lost her phone the other day. Couldn’t find it anywhere. She remembered having it on the couch. She was rummaging all through the couch cushions when my nephew looked at her and said, “Did you check the fridge?” No, her phone wasn’t in the fridge, but she had to go look. You never know. Still, it was a reasonable place to search. I had to laugh at the question though. Oh, he’d only been in the house a couple of days but he already knew…

Things are going. I’m reading. I’m writing. (Not as much as I’d like, but I’m writing.) I’m trying to remember what’s important and what isn’t. I’m staying positive as much as possible and counting my blessings.

Maybe next time I’ll have something more interesting, or at least entertaining, to share.

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