Hooray for Summer!

I love summer vacation! I love it when A- is out of school and things are relaxed and there is no homework or lunches or tests. A- does “summer work” that I assign a few days a week – math sheets, ect to keep in practice and she also reads, so it’s not like she just gets a free pass all summer, but I do love the break in the school routine. And honestly, I just like seeing her more.

I know a lot of people keep strict routines during summer, especially for their ADHD’ers, but I relax things quite a bit. Yes, we stay up later and we get up later, and it works for us. A’s never slept much anyway, so getting all those hours of sleep that kids need, well, that was always a pipe dream around here anyway. Good news is that she is sleeping better right now than she ever has, so I’m not too worried.

Things have been good here. A- is steadily doing better. There are rough days, but who doesn’t have a rough day every now and then? She’s been pretty relaxed and happy, which has been AWESOME!! We’ve shared a lot of laughs lately. And sometimes, we just sit back and marvel at her level of weird. The ADHD runs strong in that one, let me tell you! I never know what is going to happen next. Her friend explained it best. Being with A- is like having 8 friends all at once, because you never know what her personality is going to be like from one minute to the next and you have no idea what she might do. I thought that was pretty apt.

I’m looking forward to this summer with my girl. I think she is in a better place than she has been in a while. We had a good summer last year, but I think this one will be even better. It’s sure to be full of surprises anyway!


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