God’s Kisses

The other day I went into my daughter’s bedroom and while I was standing there talking to her, she cocked her head, started sniffing the air, then suddenly lunged at me, grabbed me around the waist and we both tumbled onto the bed. She began to smell me so hard I believed she was going to suck my skin up her nose. Now living with an ADHD child means never having a dull moment, but she’s nearly fourteen. I can’t even get away from her any more. So there I was – getting sniffed by my teenager, while trying to free myself from her grip. Finally she yells, “Oh My Gosh!!! You smell so….GOOD!! You smell like….sniff sniff sniff…like you’ve just been kissed by GOD!!”

That one definitely caught me off guard.

I couldn’t help but laugh. And try to get up. Which she wouldn’t let me do. She just kept sniffing. Maybe I ought not wear that particular perfume outside the house. I don’t want to get attacked by random people who try to sniff my skin off. πŸ˜‰


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