A Holiday Tale – ADHD Style

Twas a short time before Christmas and so much to do, but this chaotic gal was still searching for her shoe!

The stores were jam packed, the aisles such a mess! But onward I trudged, despite my distress.

My list growing longer, I wished I were stronger, there isn’t enough time to make decorations sublime!

What did I need? What is it I forgot? I stumbled through the store, did I come to buy a yacht?

Home at last, I remembered the thing, the wee little thing I could not do without. No time to cry, no time to pout, back in the car, I zoomed down the street. I’d run to the store, this time I’d get meat!

The lines were still long, they went for a mile, I tried to be nice, I tried hard to smile. I got what I needed, then headed home fast, hoping on hope that I had enough gas.

Now in just over a  week, guests will all come. I grabbed my broom to clean up some. Soon distracted by some shiny thing, I flitted and flew but ended up on the swing.

So now my time is running out, Christmas will be here without any doubt. I won’t be ready, I’m never prepared if I were my guests I’d be rather scared.



4 thoughts on “A Holiday Tale – ADHD Style

  1. jeannieriding

    Kristi thanks for your insights and wisdom your share throughout the year

    Merry and joyful Christmas wishes to one, so wise and so dear!

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