The Mysterious Matter of the Disappearing Pepperoni Roll

Life with children can be interesting. Life with an ADHD child can be verrrry interesting.

This afternoon before soccer practice, my daughter and I went in a local pizza place and my daughter got a Pepperoni Roll to bring home to have for dinner after soccer practice. Thursdays are long days, soccer practice doesn’t usually break up until after seven, and I already didn’t feel like wondering what she was going to eat later tonight. (I kind of over explain, don’t I??)

We got in the car with her her take out box of fragrant, pizza heaven. We went home. She got out of car. She strapped on her back pack, grabbed her lunch box and the pizza box and went inside. I followed. She stopped in kitchen and then walked back to her bedroom. She had put her lunchbox on the counter, I opened it and took the containers out to wash. About an hour later we left for soccer.

Coming back home, A- was a sweaty, smelly mess. She pretty much smelled like old gym socks…but it would have been rude of me to tell her so.  (oops. I may have missed that parenting lesson.) She went directly to the shower, I went directly to the laundry room with her aromatic (not in a good way) clothes. Soon she was out of the shower and digging in the fridge.

“Mom?? Where’s my pizza?”

“I haven’t touched your pizza.”

“It’s not in here.”

“Where did you put it?”
“I put it in the refrigerator. I think.”

“You think?”

Shutting the fridge door with a look of utter confusion, she opened the freezer and peeked inside. She opened the pantry door and sniffed. She went into the living room where she had written in her notebook before we left. She looked under the sofa. She went to her bedroom and looked under the sheets on her bed. She gingerly opened the closet door and stuck her head inside. Down on her knees she checked under the bed. Frowning, she unzipped her bookbag and rifled around. Convinced the missing pepperoni roll was not hidden in between her science and history books, she went to the bathroom. I heard her move the shower curtain. She looked behind the door. Coming back through the house, she went onto the back porch. She checked the front steps. She checked the dog’s bed. She even checked MY bed. She checked the trash. The thing just vanished, box and all.

“Mom, this is scary.”

“You better believe it’s scary. You lost PIZZA. How does a person lose PIZZA??”

She grabbed the car keys and went into the garage. She checked the back seat. She checked UNDER the seat. Nothing. (Well nothing resembling pizza, or anything else you might want to put in your mouth.)

“Mom how does pizza disappear?”

“You tell me and we will both know.”

Back through the house she went. This time looking in the sink, the dishwasher and the oven for good measure. Not in the microwave, not in the laundry room.

“Mom, I lost my pizza.”

Welcome to the wonderful world of ADHD parenting. We lose a lot of things. We find hairbrushes in freezers, but we have never, and I mean NEVER lost something as important as pizza.

2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Matter of the Disappearing Pepperoni Roll

  1. Arrggh!!!!! Hooked on your story and dying to know….. where was the pizza?
    Though I guess if it wasn’t found….. the new kind of smell wafting from it in a few weeks may give it’s hiding place away! 🙂

    1. Hiding place yet to be determined but in the absence of any smell we are rather at a loss. A- surmised last night that it was obvious now that someone broke into our house while we were at soccer practice and the only thing in our home worth stealing was a pepperoni roll. It appears we may have been burgled. 😉

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