With any Luck Time Heals All Wounds

I figured it was high time I got over here and posted something new! Things have been hectic here, still, but slowly getting back to a more “normal.” My mother seems to be doing some better, which is a relief. Hopefully she will continue to improve.

A is working hard at school and having tons of homework, but she says she is glad, that it is keeping her focused and on track. She is doing so well and I am just so proud of her! She started soccer practice a couple weeks ago which means sitting up at the school two evenings a week, so I’ve been having some reading time, if nothing else. It’s okay. She is enjoying it, and I know how good for her all the exercise is. I’m still not 100% from the crud I had in June, so I’m still dragging and staying pretty tired. I’m not getting a WHOLE lot accomplished on any front – but I’ll get there.

The fabulous folks at New Life Outlook asked, end of last month, if I would like to write a guest article for them. I excitedly said yes, and sent in the finished product a few days ago. I believe it will be out Oct. 1. It’s been a great experience!

I’ve been working on some short stories, as I hope to put together the short story/poetry compilation within the next few months. I’m excited to have A assist me on this one!

The last couple months, as I have watched my daughter gradually come into some form of self acceptance, and achieve a level of healing from the pain she has been living with for so long, I have been inspired beyond measure. The strength she has shown and the understanding has been phenomenal. She will never forget things that have happened to her. She will never be in a place where those things magically disappear and she forgets all about them. She will, however, find herself in a place where she no longer lets them hold her back. She can recognize now, that things that happened were not her fault, and finally feel like she can reach for happiness and self approval. It has been amazing watching this transformation, from scared, depressed child, to someone who holds her head up, who participates in class, who wants to have fun. Oh, she has embraced her inner, dark, creepy side, but now it is all in fun – like horror poetry and strange drawings. She still likes EMO music and art, but she explained to me that for her, it wasn’t about depression, it was about knowing you didn’t have to be there anymore. I don’t mind, as long as she balances it with other things too. Listen to some uplifting music, study art that isn’t all macabre, read some books that aren’t creepy. I loved horror when I was her age. But I don’t worry as I did only a short time ago. She is in a good place. A place she is in control of. A place where she has met herself where she is, and is happy with what she sees. She has made more friends. She  wants to be part of things. She is laughing more. Even her features are more relaxed, and the spark has returned to her eyes. Sometimes the new found happiness frightens her, and she is tempted to shy away from it, but she remembers how it felt to be in the dark place she was in, and she knows she doesn’t want to return. We will continue to tread carefully in these uncharted waters, but I have a feeling she is going to be just fine.

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately, news stories and current events that have caught my attention. I thought about writing a rather scathing commentary on my view of society today, but I think I will save that for another time.

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