I passed a church last night and the sign outside caught my eye. The message was simple. I AM. Now I know the context of the meaning behind the words outside the church, and I started to ponder the immense scope of religion and spirituality and how it shapes us as humans, as a nation, and as part of the universe itself. The good and the bad. The wars fought over the idea of religion, the good that is done in the name of religion, and everything in between and how it affects and shapes countries and governments.  As my thoughts often do, they rambled onto a different track about how powerful those two words can be. I AM. Think about it. Really think about it. Say the words slowly, and listen to them. I. AM. Let them sink in. How infinitely powerful those three letters are – and how infinitely more powerful we would be if we applied them to ourselves (and believed them).

Let’s forget that I encountered the words on a church’s sign referring to God. Just look at the words. I AM. What could we do if we applied those two words to ourselves? How could they change us? What would we do differently?

I AM. That’s it. What happens when we set ourselves free from the toxicity of our own minds?

I AM…strong

I AM…resiliant

I AM…powerful

I AM…purposeful

I AM…useful

I AM…loved

I AM…not broken

I AM…worthy

I AM…not defined by stereotypes

I AM…not defined by my past

I AM…not what others say about me

I AM…enough

I AM. I am everything I need to be. I challenge you today to let go of your own limitations and negative self talk and JUST BE. Be all that you need. Realize I AM. We are all struggling with something. We all have our heartbreaks, hardships and trials. Take a moment to breathe are realize you ARE enough!

Leave a comment and finish this line. I AM…________________.

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  1. jeannieriding

    Kristi thank you so much for this powerful and insightful post. I really, really, needed this! Be blessed and again, thank you!

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