Where Does The Time Go?

Okay my fellow ADD’rs…time. Do you struggle with it? Do you find yourself chronically running behind or always ALWAYS underestimating the amount of time you are going to need to do something? I sure do. In all honesty I do not remember this being a problem when I was younger. Even just a couple years ago I don’t remember always feeling like the day slipped by me because I spent too much time on one task, or knew I had time to do several things but yet only had time for one or two because they took longer than I expected them to. OR I know I have to be somewhere at a certain time and plan for it, only to find myself distracted somewhere along the way and then I’m rushing to get out the door. Is this familiar to any of you? Is it just me? (please please don’t tell me it’s just me – I can’t take it.)

I remember days being fuller. As in I got more out of them. I got up in the morning and whisked through my to-do list and had time for fun. Now I wake up in the morning and suddenly it’s 10 p.m. and I’m wondering what the heck happened. Absolutely nothing to show for my day; unless we are counting the laundry which is HALF finished, the remaining HALF of the dishes that didn’t get put away (or washed), the room that is HALF clean, the assignment that is HALF finished. Where am I getting lost? How is this happening? Is my ADD getting WORSE as I get older??? Am I just getting lazy, or stupid, or inept at simple things?? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?? Not I fan, I tell ya.

I don’t work long hours, and I have one full day off a week. Sunday. I look forward to Sunday. I cannot wait to go to bed on Saturday night so that I can wake up and it’s Sunday. Every single week, without fail, I am disappointed when Sunday comes to an end because I know I completely wasted that precious day off. Last week I decided I’d had enough. I made a list of what days I was going to do certain household tasks, leaving Sunday completely free. I was going back to my old, “no work on Sunday” rule. This isn’t new, I make lists all the time. I make schedules all the time. I just don’t usually stick to said schedules. The week started out great. I did the housework on the list for all of two days, then the week started to slide downhill. Here it was Sunday already and I was just looking around at all that did not get done during the week and started to get angry with myself for slacking. Why can’t I perform simple tasks and keep things running smoothly? It just doesn’t make sense.

I tell myself it should take me fifteen minutes to completely clean a bathroom. So why does it take thirty? Because I get distracted by something along the way. I go to run an errand that should take an hour from beginning to end, only to find I’m gone most of the day. I used to set alarms, but  I just started ignoring them. Or as soon as I turned it off it just slipped my mind that it was going off for a reason.

So, I’m working on time. I’m working on finding ways to make the most of it. I’m working on finding tricks to help me not get so distracted that ordinary things take twice as long as they should. I really have to find a way to manage this chaos in my head.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love being creative and I love how my mind works. I love seeing things in beautiful technicolor instead of black and white. The reality of life though, is that groceries have to be bought, bills have to be paid on time, and houses need to be clean. (or at least to some acceptable level for your family!) I seem to always struggle with the same issues. Disorganization and not using my time wisely.

This week I’m pulling my chore list back out. I’m going to re-write it to be ultra specific. I’m going to set a time limit for each step and once again set the alarms.

What about you guys? Any tips you want to share for staying on track?

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