Momentary Flash of ADHD Brilliance!

So…I’ve been having internet issues. At first it wasn’t an issue. Someone took my nice little wifi device. I was in luck, because my sister had her old one that she didn’t use anymore. I called my provider and they were very nice about switching the device on my account. Problem – the device didn’t work. I took it to the store and the people there could find no reason why it wasn’t working properly. They reset it, we turned it off and on a million times and nothing. They recommended I try to get another. So  I had to order another one. It took forever to get here. I can’t get one from the wireless provider because they don’t have this kind anymore, and if I get one from them I have to have an “upgrade” which is NOT an upgrade for me. It means a new plan that costs more and gives me less data. How is that an upgrade again? I digress. Anyway, I finally got my new device and was so very thrilled. Only to find it did not work either. It seemed suspicious, but no one on the phone from the wireless provider could solve this strange happening. No one at the store could solve it. It was charging, it was showing on THEIR end that they had swapped my service to it. My computer and other devices recognized that there was a wifi signal, (as they had with the first one), they just never connected to the internet. I had to order another device.  My new device arrived, a brand new one. I was already unhappy about that, but whatever, it’s been almost a month and I needed some internet! Got my new device yesterday, charged it up and called to have the provider swap the service to the new device. Yep. It showed that there was a signal, but nothing would connect. Okay. Maybe, just maybe there was some bizarre twist of bad luck that caused the first two to be duds, but the third brand new one? No. I was not buying it. I had another lovely chat with a representative. They were very nice, as were all the representatives I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with over the last month. It all looked good on her end, she had no clue. She was trying to find some answers in her manual. Hmm..reset. Done. And done again. We turned it off a million more times. I was getting frustrated to the point of tears. I mean, this has been a long ordeal here. Chatting didn’t matter. There seemed to be no reason why the device stayed dormant and would not connect to the internet. Anyway, this was not supposed to be the woeful tale of how I have not had internet for weeks…this was about my momentary flash of brilliance.

Those of you with ADHD know that our strong suit is thinking outside the box. After all, we rather despise those boxes, don’t we? Well, I will tell you. For me personally, most of the time it feels like I just can’t think period, much less outside the box. I guess I’m a conformist. Kind of a tough road for an ADHD’r, but whatever. Those flashes of brilliance are few and far between these days. So last night, I gave up, dejected, on ever getting my internet to work. I was convinced it was an evil plan of the wireless company to make it look like my devices didn’t work so that I was forced into an “upgrade.” (I’m still not so sure…) This morning I’m in the shower (where I apparently get all my best ideas) and I had a thought. What if….

Begging the gods of Karma that seem to hate me, I got out of the shower and tried out my idea. It didn’t work. I was deflated, thinking there was going to be no way past that upgrade now. If I couldn’t make any of these devices work I had no choice. Then I had another thought. I just needed to try one more time, and if I couldn’t make it work, then so be it. Well, second time someone was finally looking out for me, because I had been right. It worked. Bless the internet I am back up and running. My computer runs fine. My iPod connected no problem. In that one shining moment, I had a brainstorm. I was so proud! LOL! My ADHD came to my rescue and saved my sanity, and saved me the wasted money of an “upgrade.” Too bad it didn’t save me the cost of two devices…oh well, can’t have everything I suppose, and there is always Ebay. I still wonder why, in all this time, NOT ONE wireless representative had this thought? I know NOTHING about technology, but you would think people working at these stores and on their helplines would?? Guess not. That’s okay, I solved it on my own, thanks to that one brilliant flash of ADHD! (I’m calling it brilliance anyway…it seems more like common sense, really, but whatever.) Maybe I should apply for a job…

So, in what instances has your ADHD allowed you to come to your own rescue and figure something out? Do you find that these moments come to you in the form of that “AHA!” moment?

Here’s a question unrelated to this post, but something I’ve been wondering. For those of you with children with anxiety disorders and/or ADHD, do any of them daydream so intensely that sometimes they can’t tell the difference between what they imagined and something that really happened? This happens to my daughter, although not as frequently as it did in the past. It’s something we continue to work with, but the problem is that sometimes it is very hard to convince her that an incident did not happen. If I question her, she can be defensive, believing that I believe she is a liar. That is far from the truth, because one thing my child is most definitely NOT is a liar. At least on purpose. I was told by counselors long ago that the daydreaming was a defense mechanism of the anxiety disorder plus some of the personal things she has to deal with (that I won’t mention here). I am just wondering if there is anyone else that deals with this, and if so, how do you handle it? I always want to be careful and considerate of her, as she is usually in an emotionally precarious place, and now she is doing so very well, that it doesn’t happen often, but there are times when I know she believes something happened that I am pretty sure did not. I don’t know how to make her aware of it without making her feel like I distrust what she says. She isn’t being dishonest, she truly does believe that a thing has happened sometimes when I doubt that it did. It’s hard to explain. Any ideas?


6 thoughts on “Momentary Flash of ADHD Brilliance!

  1. I haven’t had an experience like you are having with your daughter. I wish I had some wise words of encouragement.

    As far as my attention deficit problems, I have to quite after a certain amount of time because my thought process will completely shut down, and I get mad at myself. However, I won’t let something beat me, and eventually I will win. It took us two months and two new routers to figure out our wireless. :/

        1. She actually does not have dyslexia. When she was younger she had a horrible time with reading, she got letters and numbers confused, she was frustrated and we were going through testing, everyone convinced it was dyslexia. Then at a routine eye exam, we happened upon an eye doctor (who was there filling in) that used to specialize in motor disorders of the eye. He diagnosed a motor problem on the spot, put bifocals on her and all the problems associated with her reading and mixing up the letters and numbers went away. I was blown away. Eye exams before had said she was slightly myopic and we had put glasses on her, but it didn’t help. With the new doctor performing the correct tests, there was not a problem with her vision at all, it was that her eyes did not focus back and forth from far away to close up as quickly as they are supposed to, so they would tire and “get stuck” in close up focus so that anything far away appeared blurry.
          Anyway, sorry for the long explanation, it was just something that I had never heard of, and no one had ever thought to tell me to have her tested for. It was actually while the doctor was chatting with her while he was doing her eye test, it was something she said to him about her schoolwork that made him do one of the tests to see if she had a motor problem. At any rate, I was grateful, because even though she had a lot of catching up to do as far as her reading level was concerned, when she wears her glasses there is no longer any problems and she loves to read now where before she had given up on it as her most hated activity.

          1. My youngest son, who is now 19, hasn’t been tested, but he gets a lot of words mixed up. He says stuff like “it’s hot”, but he means “it’s cold”. That kind of thing.

            We fought with him over reading for so many years, and just figured he was rebelling against us.

            Now that he’s in college, he is saying things that also point to ADD. He was never hyper in class, so if he wasn’t paying attention, the teachers never picked up on it.

            Gah! I have such Mom Guilt….I had a gut feeling and I didn’t do anything to help him.

            When we had his eyes checked when he was young, the doctor said something about him being extremely far-sighted, only to find out the next eye check that he was near-sighted. I thought it was strange….maybe it’s time to have him rechecked and ask for specific testing regarding this.

  2. Ah, Mom Guilt. We are good at that, aren’t we? I feel bad for waiting until my daughter was starting her sixth grade year to do the official ADD testing. I knew she was ADD when she was five, but the ADD took a backseat to the anxiety disorder, and now they tell me it’s a “what came first, the chicken or the egg” kind of thing, as to whether the ADD causes the anxiety, or if the anxiety was there first…I don’t know. I feel sometimes no matter what I do it’s backwards. At any rate, we do the best we can at the time, and we have to believe that our best is just that.
    The eye doctor said there was a good chance the motor problem would correct itself with age, but if they can’t decide whether your son is far sighted or near sighted, then it might certainly be a good idea to have his motor function tested to make sure his eyes are focusing the way they are supposed to!
    My daughter never said the wrong thing, as far as mixing up words such as hot or cold, so I don’t know anything about that…I do it sometimes myself though, but the word that comes out is in no way associated with the one I meant! I have no idea if it’s related to my ADHD or something else, I’ve never explored it actually, there just seemed to be other more pressing things to worry about. (I would probably wonder more about it if it were something my daughter did).
    Anyway, good luck to you in getting some help for your son in proper diagnosis. I know how tricky these things can be sometimes. Hang in there!

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